What We Offer ?

We are Leading Manufacturer of Packaging Machines in India. We have Twenty two years of experience in Automatic Pouch Packing Machine, Form fill and seal Packing Machine, Pneumatic Collar Type Packing Machine, Servo Auger Filler Packing Machine, Snuff Packing Machine, Tobacco Packing Machine, Automatic Packing machine for Granules, Snacks, Liquid and Powder.

Food Processing Line

Our company offers food processing lines and components to suit your needs. We provide professional services of plants, as well as electronic, mechanical & technological systems.

Food Packaging Line

We are a manufacturer of food packaging equipment. We have developed machine that can create customised services for food packaging lines in cost-benefit manner.

We Provide Packaging Solutions
for more than 20 Applications.

Dry Fruits

Providing packaging machines for all types of Dry Fruits and Nuts with high quality packaging with convenience.


Grains packaging machines are designed with high quality and versatility without compromising on quality. Whether you need a small or large quantity of grain packing, there is a machine that’s right for your business.

Macaroni & Noodles

Macaroni & noodles packaging is a careful process. Machines must be clean, the food before it gets packaged must be sanitary, we are offering high quality & hygiene machines.

Snacks & Namkeen

Snacks & namkeen packaging machines are all round because they produce a healthy, decent packing.

Our Best Selling Machine Lines

Double head Snus line is a high speed machine

The double head Snus line is a high speed machine that can produce up to 550-600 snus bags per minute. It is mainly used for creating nicotine powder pouches and snus powder. This machine is very efficient and can help create a large amount of product in a short period of time.

Used For Packing

Packets for Tobacco

Single head Snus full Line machine

Single head Snus full Line machine can provide a complete line for the production of this product. The machines used in the manufacturing process are designed to fill, seal and weight the product accurately. A variety of packaging options are available to suit the customer's needs. The products can be customized according to the customer's specifications.

Used For Packing

Packets for Tobacco

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